"INNOVATION LAB", the first edition of this "special" issue of the Milou Ket Trending Service was introduced at Decosit in Brussels September 2002. It is an inspiring vision for the future, directed at the development of future products, showing materials and structures, design, form and their applications. The design of life-style products, for architecture, technology, furniture, flooring, tiles, lighting, consumer goods, electronic equipment, cars, bicycles, packaging, electronic controls for the home, sport shoes etc. It is aimed at 2004 and beyond for the contract and hospitality markets. The "LAB" issue evolved from her many years of publishing her Interior trend book, where materials, colors, shapes, together with prints and finishes played an important role and gave advice on important trend items.


The book is based mainly on colors and trends linked to emotional preferences for materials, Milou Ket has developed 5 directions. These themes correspond to 5 color cards. Together with a transparent color card to create the effect of color for e.g. ceramics, glass and plastic. This overlay gives an unexpected, exciting fresh effect.


A text explains how she sees the development of the trends, using these colors, materials, textures, finishes and prints. The more than 50 full-color collages plus 60 examples of materials illustrate the abundance of ideas. Lastly, the sourcing summary in the book is an excellent reference neccessary for the trade. It is your next source of inspiration in developing products for the future. It is a great tool for marketing and advertising departments.


Once every 1 1/2 to 2 years


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